What is A Taste of Theater?

What is A Taste Of Theatre?

A Taste of Theatre is a 501(c) organization dedicated to supporting self-producing playwrights by providing them a platform to showcase one scene of their play.  

2012 - The very first festival occurred at the Portage Theatre. At the event, Shelly Garrett, the American Association of Community Theatre, Actors Equity, Mike Oquindo, and others gave insight on how participants can improve the marketing, performance and technical aspects of their shows.  

2013 - Since that first show, A Taste Of Theatre has given theatre professionals opportunities to showcase their work on A Taste Of Theatre's TV show.

2014 - A Taste of Theatre was featured on WGSJBC's radio show - Playwright Tuesday. Later in the year, a new event for the festival, Acting With The Stars, was added to give actors an opportunity to get immediate coaching from a Hollywood actor and feedback to improve their acting skills.  

2015 to 2017 - A Taste of Theatre continued with its vision, bringing in talent to teach grant writing, public relations, marketing, and acting workshops taught by Runako Jahi. During this time, A Taste Of Theater Team was started to serve as a support group for playwrights to share with one another what works and what doesn't work. In addition, various members have not only volunteered to assist with other plays but have provided props and other support as well.


We have 3 principles we believe in


Everyone can learn and shine in their area of interest.


Good playwrights deserve a place to showcase their talent.


Every opportunity should provide a win-win-win scenario for everyone.


A Taste Of Theater

Sabrina Brown